Hello 👋 My name is Hank Ehly

I am a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in a variety of technologies, including full-stack web development, cloud infrastructure architecture, and data engineering. I have gained proficiency in various tools and frameworks, including Python, Apache Airflow, Apache Spark, Infrastructure as Code, container orchestration, and frontend/backend development. I speak English and Japanese and am committed to delivering high quality work.


Python Go PHP Ruby TypeScript JavaScript Swift NodeJS Docker Podman Kubernetes Amazon Web Services Google Cloud Platform Terraform Ansible Chef MongoDB MySQL PostgreSQL Airflow Spark Scikit-Learn Firebase Django Fast API Flask Laravel Ruby on Rails Express Webpack Vue Angular Bootstrap TailwindCSS Sass JQuery CSS3 HTML5



This section includes hobbies and personal projects. For information on my work history, please see my linkedin profile.


A language learning service that was built with Angular and Express.js.


An iOS EN-JP audio phrasebook with words and phrases translated and recorded by native Japanese speakers.


A website and CMS for a Tokyo-based women's clothing store. Built with Ruby on Rails.


A reusable Django app that crawls and imports race data from the Japanese horse racing database netkeiba.com.


A sample project that demonstrates how to deploy Apache Airflow on ECS with scale-to-zero worker nodes.


A distributed processing tool that uses serverless cloud infrastructure to run ad-hoc Python programs in parallel.

Get In Touch

Please feel free to contact me at any time. I am always available to answer questions and will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.